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Welcome to VibeZ


VibeZ Fitness are committed to providing an unparalleled member experience. We strive to help people transform their lives through physical, mental and emotional support.

We are here for everyone of all walks of life. Our mission as Fitness and Wellness Centre, is to provide the community with the resources and tools to improve their lives. 

VibeZ Fitness is a community that likes to have fun, have a laugh, but also get the job done. VibeZ is a community, which brings people together to create a support network like no other!

Our members, Our Family, Our Community, you will not meet a better bunch of people. Indoor/outdoor activities, social events, we are not JUST a gym, we are a Community! Experience the difference, experience the community, experience the RESULTS!

Our Members of The Month

We have lots of members who stand out in the gym each month, with so many AMAZING results….it’s hard to pick one person.

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$ 15
per week
Moving house? Baby on the way? Starting a new job? We get it. Life is full of unexpected changes and surprises, which require flexibility. Finally, there is a gym membership that fits your busy lifestyle and gives you total FREEDOM We’re here to support you with your fitness goals on your terms. We want you to get the best results! When flexibility matters, enjoy your workout when it suits you, without having to worry about any cancellation fees, if something in your life suddenly changes.

Choose freedom. Choose a weekly membership!

No Lock-In Contract

Our Freedom Membership has no lock-in contract to give you the flexibility you need. Sign up for a week, a month, or a year. The choice is yours. .Cancel at any time, with no nasty hidden fees.

Total Freedom

Convenience matters. We’re open 24/7 to suit your busy schedule. Our weekly membership gives you total freedom to work out whenever you want and to come and go when it suits you. Vibez Fitness empowers you to work out on your schedule – we’re open 24/7.

You Set The Rules

Inspired to pursue your fitness goals but don’t want to be tied down to a long-term gym membership? Experience the membership with more freedom than most other gyms – once you do, you won’t go back!

Significant change and jaw-dropping results don’t happen overnight. They take a commitment. Are you ready to commit to your health and wellbeing journey and make the gym part of your lifestyle?

The Lifestyle Membership is the first step to making a life-changing transformation! With this membership, you’re committing to a better you.

Save money while you achieve amazing results – tone up, lose weight, improve strength, or simply feel better about yourself. Our team of experienced trainers are here to support you, keep you accountable and best of all, GET RESULTS!

Change Your Lifestyle

A Lifestyle Membership keeps you accountable to achieve your health and wellness goals and make the gym an important part of your life. You got this!

Save money $$

Commit to your long-term fitness goal and save money with a 12-month Lifestyle Membership commitment for $13.95 per week. Save Over $100 a Year!!

Set Your Schedule

Create a routine at the gym which works for your lifestyle. We’re open 24/7. With our supportive community of trainers and members, you’ll be able to reach your fitness goals in no time!


$ 13
per week


$ 12
per week

Looking for a cheap, no-contract solution for your child’s health and fitness to keep them active and entertained?

We know that getting your kids into a healthy routine can be tough – but it’s worth it!

Whether they want to play footy one week, basketball the next, or work out at the gym, Juniors want to explore different activities until they find one they love. We get it.

This is why we offer a discounted, affordable, and flexible weekly Junior gym membership for 12-17 year-olds. It is the perfect way for Juniors to get started on their fitness journey without a long-term and expensive commitment.

We’re here to help your child stay healthy and active, so they can lead a happy and productive life. With a Junior Membership, it has never been easier!

Keep Active

A gym membership is perfect for Juniors to start an active lifestyle in a positive and supportive environment. They are encouraged to try their best, develop healthy habits, and make new friends.

Flexible Terms

Our no lock-in contract lets our Junior members try the gym at a discounted weekly rate. So there’s no need to worry about a long-term contract if they change their mind.

Safety Matters

Health and safety matters, which is why we’ve created a safe and fully supervised environment with high-security measures. Our gym staff are also qualified in First Aid and CPR.


Our Mission:

Here at VibeZ Fitness we are committed to providing our community an unparalleled member experience. We strive to help people from all walks of life transform their lives through physical, mental and emotional support.

What our members say

Jai D

The whole atmosphere of VibeZ is amazing. The gym goers and the trainers are always so friendly, helpful and supportive. The trainers have helped me

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Maddi Monaghan

The staff make you feel like you matter and are always helpful, always trying to better the gym with new equipment and the VibeZ family

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