Congratulations Sula 🥳🥳

Why did you join VibeZ gym?
VibeZ was warm & welcoming from the moment I walked through the door. It’s not big & fancy or pretentious; it’s cosy, well-equipped & has a nice ‘community’ vibe.
What results have you seen so far?
I’ve just completed a 6 x week challenge, and I’m pretty happy to finally see some muscle definition.
What is your ultimate gym goal?
I’m working towards more lean muscle & becoming more toned.
What keeps you motivated?
Seeing results is a good motivator! That…and Ethan calling at me to “keep going…just 3 x more reps!” during PT…lol
What is your favourite exercise?
Any that I’m good at, hahaha! That’s a hard one! Probably any kind of leg exercises.
What is your least favourite exercise?
After today’s session, I’d have to say good old-fashioned push-ups! Do they get any easier?
What do you love about Vibez?
I love how friendly & helpful the staff & members are. Going to the gym is part of my social outlet these days!
What is your Favourite food?
I couldn’t live without dark chocolate, mangos & Thai food.
What is your Favourite cheat meal?
I love chilling out on the weekend with a nibbles platter – some nice blue cheese, fancy crackers, hommus dip, cucumber sticks, smoked salmon, olives, etc.
What advice would you give someone starting out in the gym?
Just make the decision to do ‘something’ rather than trying to do ‘all-or-nothing’! If you’re having a ‘bad’ day or a ‘bad’ week, just do what you need to get through it & then move on. Every day is an opportunity to do ‘something’ towards achieving your goals.’
Congrats Sula!! You take home a VibeZ prize pack 💪🏼👌🏼