Congratulations Jai 🙌🙌

Why did you join a gym?
I was interested in getting fit and healthy
What results have you seen?
Lost weight gained muscle, built a lot of strength and confidence in the gym.
Ultimate Goal?
To be able to deadlift 2 times his body weight🔥
How do you stay motivated?
Seeing results at the end of the month, doing the occasional pt session and smashing out classes!
Favourite exercise
Deadlifts ☠️
Least favourite exercise?
Anything core related
What do you like about VibeZ?
Jai loves the friendly and welcoming atmosphere and the VibeZ 💛🖤
What is your Favourite food?
Tacos 🌮
Favourite cheat meal?
Cinnamon doughnut’s after a workout 🍩
What advice would you give someone starting out in the gym?
Don’t quit and hard work does pay off!
Well done Jai💪🏼 great results! You take home a VibeZ prize pack 💪🏼👌🏼